Aloe Vera

From our small paradise of biodiversity

Cilento’s perfect territorial ecosystem has allowed the cultivation of aloe vera at the Tenuta degli Eremi. These plants contain an important natural resource for anyone who wants to experience the countless features of it extract, renowned for centuries because of its healing effects over scars and lenitive qualities in case of burns or any other kind of skin irritation. We have developed and tested a number of applications around this plant, from skin care and nutrition to special beverages based on aloe vera.

Relax e well-being

An award-winning sea behind the corner and a private beach to get to it, plus the countryside with its benefits and freshness and its organic products only a stone’s throw away, this is our outstanding feature. Relax and well-being are the basic ingredients we offer our guests for a nice holiday.


We would like to render persons aware of the moral value of what they eat.

The zero-food-miles cuisine at the restaurant of the Hotel la Playa is a daily experience, also thanks to the oil we gain from the oil tree groves within the Tenuta degli Eremi, a rich, organic and precious oil which conveys to simple dishes, the ones we prefer, a unique and unforgettable taste. The estate’s oil has a soul, the soul of the persons who have been working here for years, who harvest the olives and follow the entire process of transformation with natural and organic methods from harvesting to bottling. For all these reasons the taste of our dishes is authentic and unforgettable.

Organic extra virgin olive oil

We are organic to our soul