The estate’s more recent history tells us about a “conversion” to organic farming from 2003 onwards; we would like to underline that we have always worked on an organic basis, this is only a technical terminological change. These lands have never seen pesticides, synthetic chemical fertilizers or GMOs.

Starting from the oil crop 2015/2016, we have been proudly part of the DOP Cilento, and we can boast ourselves to be one of the few agricultural enterprises in this region able to respect the strict procedural guidelines for DOC products while employing organic farming methods.

On this year’s label, for the first time you can read “cruelty free”. Our enterprise does not exploit migrants or local workers, as even many producers with an excellent reputation do, and, let’s admit it, we are proud to show that we respect the law, the persons, and the animals.

Organic to our soul

From the oil crop 2015/2016 we have been proudly part of the DOP Cilento

Organic/ DOP Extra vergin olive oil Tenuta degli Eremi

  • Size: 5l – € 50,00

  • Size: 1l – € 11,00

  • Size: 0,50l – € 6,00

  • Size: 0,75l – € 9,00

  • Size: 0,25l – € 3,50

  • Size: 0,175l – € 2,50

The olive harvest is a hard work, but also a festive moment.

Done with traditional and very natural methods for the olive harvest.

The oil of the estate has a soul, the soul of the persons who have worked here for years, who harvest the olives and who follow the entire process of transformation.

The olives, an important part of the life at the Tenuta degli Eremi.