The estate enters to make part of the family’s history in the 1960ies when Pietro Schiavo, a well-known and respected businessman born in nearby Pollica, buys the 24 hectars of land.

The estate shows the signs of its original agricultural calling with the structures still present: the big farmhouse, where the families who worked on this land resided, with its big grindstone that permitted to make olive oil on the spot, the smaller “satellite” cottages where the farm workers lived, and, in the windiest corner of the estate, a small shelter with a grindstone, where with tipically Cilentan talent an invention that employed the wind helped to separate the grain from the husk.


One of the most important architects of the rebirth of the Tenuta in its new context of excellent farming enterprise is Giuseppe, born in one of the cottages, who, together with his wife Anna Maria, takes care of our small paradise of biodiversity, just as his father did before him.


In those 250 meters that descend from Pollica to the sea we are able to tend, according to microclimates, various thoroughly organic plantations, such as aloe vera, a vegetable garden, almond and citrus orchards, as well as hundreds of medical plants. Countless plants growing spontaneously are used in the kitchen of our hotel. The beehives of our young hotel aide Andrea, a passionate apiculturist, are surrounded by centennial olive trees planted in an ancient tradition (“strewn”) and by their younger siblings planted more recently. Our team is completed by our small colony of donkeys, traditionally among the most appreciated domestic animals in this region.

Cilentan donkeys

Aloe Vera

Centennial olive trees

A breathtaking view

Still an uncontaminated territory